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What’s Really In A Mortgage

The truth is, buying a house is complicated. Even for people doing it for years, there are still things that go unexplained. Calculating what really goes into a mortgage can be one of them. Whenever you feel you have locked down a comfortable budget, it seems the number you had in mind magically jumps up to a higher number. This can be a little frustrating sometimes. So, I’m going to go over the 4 main […]

4 Signs The Market Will Crash In 2018

Nearly 10 million Americans lost their homes in the recent housing crisis. You may be able to recall someone you know losing a home. While this is truly unfortunate, the market is a cycle. And we are due for another crash soon experts say. I’m no wizard with a magic ball that’s going to read the future. If this were true, I would be a billionaire, just like anyone else making such large claims. I […]

Top Tips For Winning When Buying A Car

  Buying a car from a dealership is a stressful experience. There’s fear you may be making the wrong choice. Fear you are getting ripped off. And fear that there may be a better deal somewhere else. The good thing is, the internet has made the process of buying a car much easier in recent years. You have all the information you want at your fingertips. But how do car dealerships still “win”? There are many scripts […]

Buying your next car at a car auction

  I’ve always been intrigued at buying a car at an auction. We’ve all heard horror stories and stories that make us jealous because someone got such a great deal. I rounded up some help from some friends who have been buying cars at auctions since I was born.  I wanted someone experienced to help me out. This is what I learned. All Car Auctions Aren’t The Same There are two huge differences between every car auction: […]

The 5 Dangers To Look For When Buying Your Next Home

  Buying a home is a stressful task. There seem to be so many people from different companies involved in closing a deal and so much paperwork, it can all be overwhelming. While looking at properties, you may feel your Realtor needs to point out everything bad you should know about a property. When in reality they may not know that much more than you do about home construction. I’ve put together a quick list […]

How I Got My First 1,000 Pinterest Followers in 2 Weeks

When I started blogging I quickly realized taking a passive approach to building a website was going to get me nowhere quick. I noticed how a lot of the juggernaut bloggers were using Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs. This wasn’t just a few thousand hits here and there. Pinterest was single-handedly driving over 100k or more hits a month to their website. That’s some massive traffic for something that costs $0. While my […]