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Top Tips For Winning When Buying A Car


Buying a car from a dealership is a stressful experience.

There’s fear you may be making the wrong choice. Fear you are getting ripped off. And fear that there may be a better deal somewhere else.

The good thing is, the internet has made the process of buying a car much easier in recent years. You have all the information you want at your fingertips. But how do car dealerships still “win”?

There are many scripts and methods car salespeople use to get every penny out of you when buying a car. It could be the window tint, the extras before you get the car and so on. Not all car dealers are bad, but used car dealers can have the worst reputation when it comes to buying cars

Here are 3 tips to buying your next car:

If you’re buying new, wait until the end of the year

Most car dealers give their best deals on new cars after September. This is when the next year’s model is coming out and it’s time to get rid of the old models. Car dealers need to free up lot space for the new models and will be more willing to give steep discounts to get their current inventory off the lot.

If you’re looking to buy a new car, many of the best deals will be at the end of the year.

Although, you don’t ALWAYS need to wait until the end of the year. Memorial day weekend has some pretty sweet deals on new cars as well. Memorial day is the last Monday of May, and there are plenty of deals to be found around this time as well.

Every car company is different and not all will be running deals around these times but these are the best times to look because these are the times when dealers need to sell inventory and hit their numbers.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Buy at the end of the month

Every month car dealers have numbers to hit. This shows they are moving inventory and making money. Usually, dealers will be more willing to negotiate just a little more off the top if you shop at the end of the month, maybe a week to less than a week before the month ends is a great time to shop. It’s in the car dealers best interest to sacrifice a little extra money to make a few more sales if they are behind.

If you go into a car dealer at the beginning of the month, there will be less of an incentive for car dealerships to lower prices on cars. They have time to wait before they start to loosen up on their negotiation. What if they get a surge in sales? They are more comfortable around the beginning of the month when it comes to negotiating. There are numbers to hit but they aren’t as desperate until months end.

By planning your schedule and buying around the end of the month, expect dealers to be more lenient on lowering prices when it comes to negotiation.

Negotiate your trade-in

Many people negotiate the price of the car and accessories but don’t negotiate their trade-in vehicle. If you do plan on trading in your car, expect to get less than selling it on the private market. While dealers do make it easy to trade in your vehicle, they will give you less than any other option like selling it on your own.

Another tip is don’t mention you are trading in your vehicle until you are done negotiating for the car you want. And always tell the dealer you plan on financing. Dealers make their money on financing and trade-ins. If they know you are going to take a loan out on a car they will budge a little on price because they are making money on the back end. There are always benefits to financing, even if you plan on paying cash.

So if you plan on trading your car in, remember you don’t have to take the first offer the dealer gives you. Negotiate the price of your trade-in!

Overall, there are many methods car dealer’s use to get the most money out of you. Not all car salesmen are slimy and untrustworthy. There are a lot of good car salespeople and dealers out there. Yet, it is best to go in armed and ready when it comes to negotiating and getting a smoking deal.

Do your research on the car you want before you go in. Don’t get caught off guard. buying a car doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Also, don’t forget that you can negotiate add-ons like oil changes and accessories as well. Good luck and happy car hunting.

What have your car dealership experiences been like?



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